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5 Ways To Ensure You’re Receiving Comprehensive Financial Advice

Anyone can claim to offer you expert financial advice, but how can you tell who’s telling the truth? Make sure you’re not going down the wrong path with guidance given under false pretenses. Listen to your local professionals at Maggi Tax and look out for these signs to ensure that you’re receiving comprehensive financial advice:

1. Your Advisor Asks For Every Single Detail

Financial advice should never be offered on a wide scale. Everyone has a unique background with specific sources and amounts of income. If your “advisor” seems to be giving you loads of information in droves without asking for your specifics, there’s a good chance that they’re just casting a wide net in the hopes that their generalized guidance will happen to work for you.

A true financial advisor will ask for every aspect of your finances including income, assets, expenses, goals, and so on. They will meticulously use your information to devise a custom financial plan complete with realistic financial goals that are within your reach.

2. Your Advisor Takes the Time to Look at Your Old Tax Return Information

Your tax return is an easy way to get an idea of your financial situation with hard facts and numbers. A financial advisor who knows what they’re doing will often ask for your most recent tax return information and use it as a baseline for your financial plan. Talented advisors will even be able to spot opportunities for tax credits and write-offs!

3. Your Advisor Creates a Customized Plan That’s Unique to You

It’s crucial that your financial advisor offers a personalized plan based on your unique information. Some less-qualified advisors know this and may try to give you advice under the guise of it being customized to your needs, but how can you tell? Rather than a “get rich quick” business mentality, a true financial advisor will let you know that your personalized financial plan will be a process that you need to work at. They will explain each step in detail and what you can expect along the way, including comprehensive plans that may include useful tactics like utilizing the stealth wealth strategy to your advantage but only if it applies to you.

4. Your Advisor Checks the Progress on Your Investment Portfolio Regularly

Comprehensive financial advice should come from someone who is as invested in your future as you are. One way to tell if your financial advisor is enthusiastic about helping you is if they take the time to check on your investment portfolio on a regular basis, even if it’s just yearly. This is a tangible way for your advisor to confirm your progress which shows how much they care about your success.

5. Your Advisor Specializes In Multiple Aspects of Finance, Not Just One

Comprehensive advice should encompass every aspect of your finances. Not just taxes, not just retirement, and not just budgeting. If your financial advisor can offer a wide range of financial services with curated advice and proven results, then you know you have found the right advisor for you.

Get Sound Advice From Your Local Finance Advisors at Maggi Tax!

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