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Goals-Based Investing – What Is It & Why It Matters

Goals-based investing (GBI) gives you a new perspective on earning funds, but just how effective is it and is it really better than what you’re doing now? Your trusted financial advisors at Maggi Tax are here to introduce you to goals-based investing and why it might be the right choice for you!


Defining Goals-Based Investing – What Does It Mean?


What makes goals-based investing stand out from the typical stock portfolio is how it’s manifested. You build your funds around the idea of investing only in what directly helps you with your lifestyle objectives rather than stocks that have the potential to turn a profit, with some examples being non-liquid investments. But wouldn’t making a large profit fuel the funds you need to meet your goals? It’s not as simple as you think, and we’re going to show you why.


What Counts As A Lifestyle Goal?


Having substantial retirement funds

Meeting the cost of higher education

Saving up for your child’s future

Paying off credit card debt

Building an emergency fund

Planning a long vacation

Purchasing a home or vehicle


The Appeal Of Goals-Based Investing, And Why It Might Be Right For You


The main reason why traditional stock investments aren’t the best choice for funding life goals is because of how dangerous it is, even if you feel like you have a decent risk tolerance. There’s also the temptation of making poor last-minute decisions in response to a sudden market change, thus adding to the risk factor. Goals-based investing is a safer way to ensure that you reach the amount of funds that you need for what you aim to spend that money on.


Goals-based investing has many perks that can sound reassuring if you have a set objective in mind:

  • Removing the risk of high-stakes investments gives you peace of mind.
  • It’s easier to measure and track your journey to meeting your ultimate goal.
  • Seeing hard evidence of your progress can help you stay focused and motivated.
  • The simplicity of GDIs makes it easier to reach in and participate along with your advisor.
  • Less time is spent micro-managing stocks until you reach your goal.
  • Having an attainable goal feels much more rewarding when you finally reach the finish line.


Why You Need A Financial Advisor For Goals-Based Investing


Directing your focus to a single goal sounds easy enough to do on your own, but it can be just as easy to drop out of your journey without the right assistance. A financial advisor can start you off on the right foot by giving you a thorough evaluation of your goals, income, and expenses to help you find key investment strategies that are both attainable and rewarding. They will even help you account for any inconsistencies since life tends to veer off from the norm every now and then. Regular check-ins can be used to stay on track and adjust the plan if necessary.


Having financial professionals like the ones at Maggi Tax guide you through goals-based investing is a great way to see things through with fruitful results!


Reach Out To Maggi Tax About Goals-Based Investing!


At Maggi Tax, we can help you start your goals-based investing journey to help you meet your life goals in a safe and doable way that fits your situation. Give our team a call at (727) 799-1701 today to schedule a consultation and watch the savings grow!


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