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Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor In 2023

Hiring a financial advisor to assist you with various aspects of your finances such as budgeting your income, planning out taxes, and investing in the future is a great way to help you find a clear goal and stick with it. But what exactly should you be discussing during your meetings? The experts at Maggi Tax are here with a few questions that you can ask your financial advisor in 2023!

Am I Still On Track With My Financial Goals?

Visiting your financial advisor somewhat frequently, or even annually, can help show you a great measure of how far you’ve come along with your financial goals. Whether you’re seeking to pay off your debts or save up enough money for a house, it can be easy to lose sight of your goals in favor of unnecessary spending. What started off as a one-time occurrence may have gotten a little out of hand to the point where you need a reminder of what you need to do to achieve your larger, more important vision. On the contrary, it can be exciting to hear that you’ve been doing well by sticking to your original plan!

How Can I Prepare For My Taxes?

Many taxpayers go for their annual appointment during tax season and are left either pleasantly surprised by how much they’ll be getting back or in complete disbelief by how much they owe. Leaving things a mystery until the time comes can be very stressful especially if you already have other financial obligations. However, a financial advisor can help you in time for the next tax season and can even assist you with tax strategies and preparations for retirement.

Do You Know What I Should Invest In?

Everyone knows that investments are a great way to place your money into something that can grow in value, or at least secure your assets. Some people take a shot in the dark and hope for the best, but that’s not very advisable since it leaves you with little control over the situation. If you have extra income that you don’t know what to do with, feel free to ask your financial advisor about proper investment planning. They’ll be able to help you make a smarter decision that’s more likely to come out positive.

What Changes Should I Make to My Financial Plans?

Another reason to meet up with your financial advisor somewhat often is because you never know what changes will happen in your life that will require an adjustment to your original plan. A change in job status, whether it be good or bad, can have a drastic effect on your current income and budgeting goals. Getting married or having a child are also valid reasons for re-evaluating your finances since you’ll need to factor in more essential expenditures.

Consult the Financial Experts at Maggi Tax!

Have you met with a financial advisor yet to help you make plans for 2023? Make an appointment with Maggi Tax today by calling (727) 799-1701! We’ll gladly sit down with you and carefully evaluate everything to help you come up with the best possible financial plan suited to your personal income and goals.


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