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We spend decades accumulating as much money into our retirement accounts as possible. Yet, many people fail to focus on where their retirement assets are invested in terms of risk and growth capability. At Maggi Tax Advisory & Financial Group, we believe that where your money’s invested is just as important as how much you have invested.

We’re proud to offer the Color of Money Risk Analysis report to help you visualize where your retirement assets should be allocated. This quick and easy assessment organizes your retirement assets into three color categories representing different levels of risk.

Red money typically indicates the best growth opportunity, but is subject to the highest risk. This doesn’t mean your red assets are bad, but it does mean you should be prepared for volatility.

Yellow money can be similar to red, in that it may contain some of the same types of investments, but it benefits from professional management. This makes yellow money slighter safer than red. Yellow investments may include portfolios designed to generate income, control volatility and focus more on long-term growth.

Green money represents safety and guarantees, but with less growth potential than red or yellow money. Green assets can offer you peace of mind, knowing they’ll be available to help provide a steady income for retirement.

A properly colored asset allocation can help you determine the type of retirement you’ll have. Contact us for your FREE COLOR OF MONEY REPORT today, and gain a better visual of what your retirement will look like.


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