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5 Key Components To Good Estate Planning

One of the most confusing and hard to execute elements of a solid financial plan is the estate plan. From the complex legal documents to the challenges of maximizing the benefits left to heirs, and the personal relationships that must be considered, estate planning is no easy task. To help make the process seem less daunting,…

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5 Tips For Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a multistep process that takes time and wise investment choices. After all, to thrive in retirement, you’re going to need a substantial cushion to fund it. Here the financial advisors at Maggi Tax Advisory and Financial Group offer the following tips to help with your retirement planning. Tip #1: Timing is…

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Do I Still File Taxes After Retirement?

Between social security benefits, pensions, and IRA/ 401(k) plans, you’re likely aware of how much money you have saved for retirement. But do you know how much of that money will be taxed?? Because your after-tax income will affect how much money you really have to live on, this is an extremely important question to have answered. The financial…

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Understanding Medicare Benefits

Medicare can be extremely complicated and confusing to sort through, which is why the help of a knowledgeable Medicare and financial advisor is beneficial. Here we breakdown the basics of Medicare coverage including everything from hospital care to doctors visits, prescription drugs, and more. How do I qualify for Medicare? Most individuals who are 65…

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Benefits of Hiring a Tax Professional

Benefits of Hiring a Tax Professional There are many components to comprising a financially savvy retirement plan – one of which is determining your tax liability and developing a strategy to minimize the amount of taxes you pay. This is where the expertise of a knowledgeable tax professional can be extremely beneficial. Keep reading to…

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